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April 25

TrackYourHours Newsletter – April 2013

TrackYourHours Newsletter – April 2013  

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April 19

How do I indicate the status of hours that I enter into TrackYourHours?

One of the most powerful features of TrackYourHours is that the software automatically assigns the appropriate status (pre-degree, post-degree, trainee, trainee in practicum, post-degree with application pending for intern registration, or registered intern) to your hours based on the dates you enter on the School & Status Information tab.  

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April 17

How do I log and report personal psychotherapy hours? (California MFT)

How do I log and report personal psychotherapy hours? (California MFT) The BBS allows you to claim up to 100 personal psychotherapy hours and they apply a 3:1 multiplier to these hours (each hour logged counts as 3 hours so you can get credit for 300 hours if you log 100).  TrackYourHours tracks the personal … Continued

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