Simplify the tracking of your hours for licensure.  Just log your hours and the rules specific to your state and license are applied to them.


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Seeking licensure in another state?

Based on your state and the license you are seeking, the appropriate regulations are applied to your hours so you know how many you can actually claim.


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California  LMFT  |  LCSW  |  LPCC

New York  LCSW  |  LMHC

Texas  LPC  |  LCSW coming soon!


Your state forms are populated automatically with a couple clicks of your mouse.


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California  LMFT  |  LCSW  |  LPCC

New York  LCSW  |  LMHC

Texas  LPC LCSW coming soon!

Take the stress out of tracking your hours.  You will know how many hours you can claim and your forms will be generated instantly.


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  • The Easiest Way to Manage Your Hours

    We make it incredibly easy to track hours on your computer or mobile device. Even sites with multiple supervisors are easy to setup and track. Just enter your hours and they are automatically reported under the correct status.

  • Stay on Track

    With TrackYourHours you will always know how many hours you have actually earned. The software calculates the number of hours you can claim after applying the BBS regulations.

  • Alerts Keep You Informed

    Receive alerts if you have insufficient supervision hours in a week, your supervision ratios are off, or you are over the maximum hours in a category.

  • TYH Knows the Rules

Our software is up-to-date with the most current BBS regulations. Whether your hours were earned yesterday or six years ago the software will apply the appropriate regulations and generate the correct forms.

  • Andrea, CA MFT

    "I know I've said this before, but you guys are amazing! TYH has the best customer service. Thanks so much for responding to everything so quickly. It really alleviates my anxiety over this process."

    Valerie, CA MFT

  • Jamie, CA MFT

    "Just wanted to let you know that this product is incredible! To be able to know where I am with all my hours at any given time across all of my sites is incredible. TrackYourHours has truly helped me see light at the end of the tunnel"

    Jamie, CA MFT

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TrackYourHours knows the rules. Do you?


  • What are the supervision requirements for ASWs, APCCs and AMFTs in California?

    Associates in California are required to receive 1 unit of supervision each week they claim hours (workshops and training hours are exempt from this requirement).  In addition, Associates must receive an additional unit of supervision in any week they they claim more than 10 direct counseling hours.  A unit of supervision is 1 hour of individual supervision or 2 hours of group supervision.

  • What is the 6-year rule?

    Associates may only claim hours earned within 6 years of the date they submit their application for examination and licensure.  The only exception to this rule is that AMFTs may claim up to 500 pre-degree practicum hours that are more than 6 years old in the categories of counseling and supervision.