Track Your Hours for LCSW Licensure in New York


View your Progress

Track Your Hours  automatically applies the appropriate rules based on your state and the license you are seeking.  Your Dashboard allows you to easily track your progress toward all of the licensure requirements as an LCSW in New York.









Data Entry is Quick and Easy

Enter your hours and you will instantly be able to see how many you can actually claim relative to the experience requirements for the license you are seeking.






Length of Experience is Tracked

The length of your experience is automatically tracked relative to the 3 year requirement.



Client Contact Hours are Tracked

Your client contact hours are tracked relative to the 2,000 hour requirement.



Supervision Hours are Tracked

The software automatically tracks your supervision hours relative to the 100 hour requirement.




Track Other Hours

Hours that are not direct client contact hours can be logged, but they are not added to your valid total since they cannot be claimed toward the requirement of 2,000 hours direct contact.



Simplify the Process of Completing your Forms

Track Your Hours will populate the Licensed Clinical Social Worker Forms 4 and 4B (including the weekly psychotherapy log) with one click.  These forms must be completed by your supervisor(s), but the information provided by Track Your Hours will make the process simple and help ensure accuracy.

List of Supervisors (Form 4)





Summary of Experience (Form 4B Line 6)





Psychotherapy Log (Form 4B)






We offer a 30-day free trial with no credit card required. 

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