First, I am highly impressed at the speed and quality of your response. Prior to my career change to an MFT I have worked in the business consulting and finance world for almost 20 years. There are few if any companies I have seen respond so well and so quickly. Makes me want to come work for you and more importantly ensure my MFT cohort is signed up with TYH. Thank you.


I received my MFT license yesterday and as I reflect back on my path, TrackYourHours was one of the most important aspects of my journey. It allowed me to track exactly where I was in the process and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Also, I was able to become licensed in a shorter period of time than people I know who tracked on paper because they put off adding up their hours due to being overwhelmed by the process. I contacted your customer service a couple times and they were always helpful and responded quickly. I cannot recommend TrackYourHours highly enough. Thank you.


I just want to also say that I really appreciate this service. You’re SO 
much more helpful than other resources! So prompt and personal. 
Thank you.


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Thank you so much. I appreciate the speedy and detailed response. TYH is 
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TrackYourHours is amazing.  To be able to enter hours from all of my sites and immediately see how many hours I can claim is unbelievable.  And every time I have a question I get an immediate response!


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Tracking supervision ratios as a trainee and intern was very frustrating.  TrackYourHours does it automatically!  I just entered my hours and could immediately see if there was an issue.  Thank you!


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