Why choose TrackYourHours to log your hours for LPCC licensure?

Track Your Hours is up-to-date with the most current BBS regulations and automatically applies the appropriate rules based on the date your hours were earned.

Data entry is quick and efficient.  Enter your hours and you will instantly be able to see how many you can actually claim.  You can even log hours on your phone!  Category maximums and minimums are tracked automatically.

Visual progress reports keep you on track.  Alerts keep you informed.  Your weekly logs and experience verification forms are generated with one click.

Track Your Hours is currently available for California Trainees and Associates seeking licensure as an MFT or LCSW, and Associates seeking licensure as an LPCC.  We offer a 30-day free trial with no credit card required. 


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Weeks of Supervision Tracked

Weeks of supervision are tracked automatically.  Only weeks where you meet the minimum supervision requirement are included.  You can easily view your progress relative to the BBS requirement.

Category Minimums Tracked

The appropriate hours are combined into your Direct Counseling Experience category and the hours are tracked relative to the BBS requirement.  The software even tracks your Hospital and Community Mental Health experience as well as hours logged with children, families an couples.






Category Maximums Tracked

Categories that have maximums (Group Therapy, Telephone Counseling, Progress & Process Notes, etc.) are tracked and if you exceed the category maximum the additional hours are automatically subtracted from your valid total.

Alerts Keep you Informed

If you fail to meet the minimum supervision requirement in a week or exceed a category maximum you receive an alert.




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