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Tips for submitting your application to the BBS

Review your hours carefully to ensure you have enough cushion above the total required by the BBS.  There is always a possibility that the BBS will exclude some of the hours that you submit.  It is important to review the following information:

  • TYH Valid total – Your valid total in TrackYourHours is a calculation of the hours you can actually claim after applying minimum supervision requirements, category maximums and category multipliers (if applicable).  Your valid total should be above the number of hours required by the BBS.  How far above?  That question is impossible to answer because each individual circumstance is different.  Based on our experience we always recommend that you gain some cushion.  We strongly advise against submitting your hours without any cushion.
  • TYH Alerts – Review each alert carefully.  If you have alerts that state “hours have NOT been subtracted from your valid total” you will need to make a manual adjustment to your valid total.  For more information about recorded hours, valid hours and alerts, please read this article.   Continue reading

BBS Resources

If you have questions about the BBS licensure regulations or need to find forms, visit our licensure resource pages.  We have included links to information provided by the BBS as well as a summary of experience requirements.

MFT Intern (IMF) & Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT)
Associate Clinical Social Worker (ASW) & Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) 
Professional Clinical Counselor Intern (PCCI) & Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) 
What information is included?
  • BBS education requirements
  • BBS experience requirements
  • BBS forms (applications, Experience Verification and weekly summary of hours of experience)
  • BBS FAQs

TrackYourHours Newsletter – August 2013

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The BBS has approved some minor updates to the experience requirements for MFTs.  These updates simply strike old category maximums for administering and evaluating psych tests and telephone counseling because they were in conflict with the new regulations that have been in place since January 1, 2012.  The changes will be effective as of October 1, 2013.  If an update to the TYH software is required we will send a separate email to all MFT subscribers.  Learn more.

The Department of Consumer Affairs is developing a new system (BreEZe) that will allow you to go online to apply for a license, pay fees securely, submit an address change, etc..  BreEZe is schedule to go live for the BBS this fall.   Learn more.

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