California BBS ASW Tips for Submitting Hours

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What do I need to submit to the BBS?

  • Examination Eligibility Application
    • You can download the application here
    • Page 2 of the application provides a checklist of documents that need to be submitted (summarized below)
    • If you want to receive confirmation of receipt of your application from the board you should include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
  • Photograph
    • July 2020 the BBS updated the application and a photo is no longer required
  • Examination Security Notice
    • Included in the Examination Eligibility Application
  • Check or money order for the fee
    • Additional details are included in the Examination Eligibility Application
  • Experience Verification Forms
    • You must submit an Experience Verification Form each site/supervisor.  You should NOT submit your weekly logs.
    • Original documents must be submitted.
  • Letter of agreement for offsite supervision
    • If you received supervision from an offsite supervisor you must submit a signed letter of agreement.
    • Offsite supervisors are permissible in all work settings except a private practice.
    • Original documents must be submitted.
  • A copy of your W-2 for each year you were paid
    • If you were paid for your service you must submit a W-2 for each year you received payment.
    • If the name on the W-2 does not match the name of your site/supervisor an explanation must be submitted.
    • For the most recent year, you can submit a current pay stub in lieu of W-2.
    • Copies of your W-2s should be submitted (not the originals).
  • A volunteer letter for each employment setting in which you were a volunteer.
    • If you did not receive payment for your work you must submit a letter from the employer confirming your volunteer status in lieu of submitting a W-2.
    • Original documents must be submitted.
  • Responsibility statements from each supervisor from whom you are claiming experience.
    • If you have misplaced one of the forms you should get a new form signed by your supervisor.
    • Original documents must be submitted.
  • Supervisory Plan
    • You must submit the supervisory plan from each supervisor from who you are claiming experience.
    • Original documents must be submitted.


Additional Tips

Do not use a binder or tabs.  We have spoken to the BBS about this issue and they have stated that they do not want the application submitted in a binder and they do not want you to use tabs.  Their preference is that you submit all of your paperwork with the application on top.  If you are sending a return self-addressed envelope, it should be placed on top.

Make sure your paperwork is 100% complete.  This sounds pretty basic, but according to the BBS the number one reason applications are rejected is that they are missing information.  Check and double-check your application and all of your forms.

Retain a copy of every document. You will be submitting your original documents to the BBS. Make certain that you retain a copy of every document you submit.

Include all signed Experience Verification Forms in sequential date order.  When you print your forms double check to make certain that you have included all forms and that each sheet includes signatures in the proper place.  Organize the forms in sequential order by date to make them easier to review.

Name change. If your legal name has changed since registering with the BBS you must complete and submit a name change request form with your application.

Ensure that your supervisor’s license was valid at the time he/she supervised you.  You can lookup the status of your supervisor’s license by clicking here.

Organize your weekly experience logs in date order.  The BBS does not require you to submit your weekly logs with your application, but they may request them if they have questions about your hours after reviewing your Experience Verification Forms.  Organizing your weekly logs now will ensure that you have them ready in case they are requested.

When should I expect to hear back from the BBS? The BBS no longer provides updates to their application processing times on their website and they specifically state that applicants should not contact them to ask about the status of their application.

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