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Step 1:  Update your School & Status Information

When you log into a new account you will be taken directly to the School & Status Information section.  It is important that you keep this information up-to-date because it allows TrackYourHours to accurately report your hours by status and will populate your experience verification and weekly log forms.  After entering your information, click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the screen.   

Step 2: Create at least one Site and one Supervisor

Add a Site

When you are adding your first site, on the Dashboard page you will see an alert prompting you to add a site and supervisor.  Click the blue “Click here” link.  Enter the site name and address and answer the yes or no questions on the right-hand of the screen.  After entering the information, click the orange “Save” box.

Add a Supervisor

Now that you have created your first Site, you need to add a supervisor.  Click the “Add Supervisor” button to the right of the site you just created.  Enter the name, address and license information for your supervisor.  This information is used to populate your forms so you should ensure that it is accurate.  Click the orange “Save” button at the top of the form. 

Step 3: Start logging your Hours

Once you have created your first Site and Supervisor, you can begin logging your hours.  To enter your hours, click the “Hours” tab at the top of the screen.

Click on the calendar day where you want to log hours and a single-day entry screen will pop up.  If you want to log your hours weekly instead of daily, select the Monday of the week and enter all of your hours for that week.

Select the appropriate site and supervisor from the drop down menu.  Enter your hours and then click the “Save & Close” or “Save & Add More” link.

When entering hours you can enter them in either whole hour increments of fractions of hours. For example:

  • Fifteen minutes = .25
  • Thirty minutes = .5
  • Forty-five minutes = .75
  • One hour = 1
  • One-and-a-half hours = 1.5


Additional Information

Editing and Deleting Hours

You can change the number of hours you entered at any time by simply selecting the hours, retyping the hours and selecting the “Save” button.

You can also delete hours if you entered hours in a box by mistake by selecting the hours you want to remove and using the delete or backspace key on your keyboard.  After removing the hours click the “Save” button.

View your Progress and Generate Forms

As soon as you have entered hours, you can begin tracking your progress by clicking the Dashboard tab.  Here you can see a summary of your hours by category.  To generate your forms, click the “Forms” tab.

Understanding Recorded and Valid Hours

When you view the hours in your account you will see both “Recorded” and “Valid” totals.  Why does TrackYourHours report both Recorded and Valid hours?  Licensure regulations are complex and we want to provide you with a calculation of the number of hours you will be able to claim when you submit your application.  The Valid hour total provides you with this calculation.

‘Recorded‘ hours are all of the hours you enter into TrackYourHours.  The software does not make any adjustments to your recorded hours.  Recorded hours are used to populate your Experience Verification Forms.

Valid‘ hours are our best calculation of what you can actually claim based on applying the state regulations for the license you are seeking.  The Valid hours are your hours after applying category maximums, supervisor requirements and category multipliers (if applicable).

  • Category Maximums: If there is a maximum allowable number of hours you can claim in a particular category and you record hours in excess of that maximum, the software will not count the overage in the Valid total.  For example, if the maximum for the Notes category is 250 hours and you have 275 Recorded hours in this category, only 250 of these hours will be counted in your Valid total.  Your Recorded total will reflect all 275 hours.
  • No Supervision:  If you record counseling hours in a particular week at a Site and do not record any supervision at that site, then none of your hours will be Valid for that Site in that week.  The hours will be included in your Recorded total but not your Valid total.
  • Category Multipliers:  If a category has a multiplier, it will be applied to your Valid hour total.  For example, California MFT regulations apply a 3:1 multiplier for all Individual Psychotherapy hours logged.  In this example, for each hour of Individual Psychotherapy logged your Recorded hours would increase by 1 and your Valid hours would increase by 3.


Need Additional Assistance?

If you need any assistance we are here to help.  Just click the “Support” tab that hovers on the right side of the page to search our Knowledge Base or submit a support ticket.  Welcome to TrackYourHours!

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