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Change to how the Initial License Expiration Date is Calculated

The BBS has changed the way they calculate the license expiration date for licensees who receive their license on or after May 23, 2018.  Going forward the method used to calculate the initial expiration date for new licensees is simply two years in the future on the last day of the month the license was issued (the month of birth is no longer used for the calculation).  The CE requirements have not changed (18 required during first renewal period and 36 required for all subsequent renewals).  TYCEUs has been updated to reflect this change.

BBS Updates Feb 2016

Should Supervisors be Registered with the BBS?
The BBS Supervision Committee is reviewing options to require supervisors to register with the board.  We will update you as additional information is released.

BBS Explores Option of Changing Intern Title
The BBS is considering a proposal that would change the title of MFT and PCC “Intern” to “Associate”.  If approved, the change would not take effect until 2018. Continue reading

New BBS experience requirements are coming January 1, 2016

Walking direction on asphalt

New BBS experience requirements are coming January 1, 2016.  For five years the BBS is allowing applicants to choose whether they want to be evaluated under the old or new requirements.  Which should you choose?  We can help you decide!  TrackYourHours has been updated to allow you to easily see how many hours you can claim under both the old and new requirements.

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