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Six Year Rule

What is the 6-year rule?

California Associates may only claim hours earned within 6 years of the date they submit their application for examination and licensure. The only exception to this rule is that AMFTs may claim up to 500 pre-degree practicum hours in the categories of counseling and supervision (other categories may not be claimed).  The BBS has recently reiterated that there are no COVID waivers related to the 6-year rule and no exceptions will be made.

California LMFT Option 2

What if I am unable to complete my 3,000 total hours by December 31, 2020, but I want to be evaluated under Option 2 (old requirements)?

On Friday, May 15 the BBS hosted a Facebook Live event and stated that if you are unable to complete the Option 2 requirements by December 31, 2020 as a result of issues related to COVID-19 you should post-mark your application by that date (the deadline for submitting under the old requirements).  The BBS will review your application and you will receive a deficiency letter.  You will have one year from the date of the deficiency letter to submit additional hours and you will still be evaluated under the Option 2 requirements.  You must post-mark your application by December 31 or you will lose the ability to choose Option 2.

Practicum Enrollment Waiver from BBS

Under current law MFT trainees are permitted to counsel clients outside of practicum as long as the period of lapsed enrollment in the practicum is less than 90 calendar days.  The BBS has issued a waiver that extends the lapsed enrollment period from 90 days to 180 days.  Note that the waiver only applies to trainees who were last enrolled in a practicum course between March 31, 2020 and May 1, 2020.  These trainees are permitted to counsel clients while not enrolled in practicum if the period of lapsed enrollment is less than 180 calendar days, and if that period is immediately preceded by enrollment in a practicum course and immediately followed by enrollment in a practicum course or completion of the degree program.

A link to the text of the wavier can be found here.

Potential Elimination of 90 Day Rule

This Friday (February 9, 2018) the BBS will vote on a proposal to eliminate the ability of MFT graduates to claim hours of experience logged between graduation and issuance of their associate registration (currently referred to as the “90-day rule”).  This change would also impact LPCC candidates.  CAMFT has submitted compromise language that may be considered by the board. We will post an update as soon as a final decision is communicated by the BBS.

UPDATE – The  BBS has voted to keep the 90-day rule for those whose employers require them to do Live Scan fingerprinting prior to gaining experience.

Reminder – Title Change for Interns

This is a reminder that that effective January 1, 2018 the Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Interns will be referred to as “Associate Marriage and Family Therapists” or “Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapists,” and Professional Clinical Counselor Interns will be referred to as “Associate Professional Clinical Counselors” or “Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselors.”  You may NOT use the new titles prior to January 1, 2018.  You can learn more by reading this FAQ from the BBS.