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Potential Elimination of 90 Day Rule

This Friday (February 9, 2018) the BBS will vote on a proposal to eliminate the ability of MFT graduates to claim hours of experience logged between graduation and issuance of their associate registration (currently referred to as the “90-day rule”).  This change would also impact LPCC candidates.  CAMFT has submitted compromise language that may be considered by the board. We will post an update as soon as a final decision is communicated by the BBS.

UPDATE – The  BBS has voted to keep the 90-day rule for those whose employers require them to do Live Scan fingerprinting prior to gaining experience.

Is Your Supervisor Meeting All of Their Responsibilities? (MFT)

Whenever a supervisee (MFT registered intern or MFT trainee) begins working with a new supervisor, they must obtain a completed copy of the BBS’ Responsibility Statement for Supervisors. Supervisors are required to complete and sign this form under penalty of perjury, which may provide some reassurance for supervisees; however, even supervisors with the best of intentions can overlook one or more of the bullet points listed on the Responsibility Statement form. A prudent supervisee will take time to review each item with their supervisor, thus ensuring they won’t lose hours further down the road if it turns out their supervisor failed to meet any of their obligations.

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BBS online licensure verification

It is recommended that you routinely verify the status of your supervisor’s license.  Using the BreEZe online license verification system you can check the status of any license in a matter of seconds.  You can search by name, business name or license number.  Verify the status your supervisor’s license now.