I totaled the hours on my Summary Report and the total is different than my recorded/valid total; why? (California MFT)

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Users will occasionally sum all of the hours on the Summary Report on the Reports & Forms tab and compare that total to the Valid total reported by TYH.  You cannot sum the hours on the Summary Report because it includes categories that duplicate hours.  For example, the non-counseling experience category is listed on the Summary Report because it is important for you to monitor the hours logged versus the category maximum.  Hours in this category are listed in other sub-categories on the summary page so if you sum everything on the page you will double count these hours (from January 1, 2012 forward NCE includes workshops and training, personal psychotherapy received, individual supervision, and group supervision).  

Below is snapshot of a sample Summary Report.  This report can be viewed by clicking the “Reports & Forms” tab in TrackYourHours.  This report is used to monitor your progress toward category minimums and maximums.  In order to determine how many total hours you have earned you should look at the Valid total reported by TYH.



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