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Have you landed that illusive private practice internship? If so, great job! I know how much effort it takes to make that kind of connection!

Now comes the hard part- marketing that pre-licensed private practice! Here are few quick tips to get you pointed in the right direction:

1. Be bold. I know, most MFT Interns are not bold. However, you have just moved into a sales job- it requires boldness! I know I am not supposed to say “sales.” What we do is SO much more than that. While I agree that therapy is much more than sales once we get the client in for the second session- I think everything that comes before that is a certain amount of sales.

2. Ask for free stuff. I know- we just went back to the “be bold.” When I started my private practice I got “free stuff” because I asked for it. Of course, since I am your MFTGuide, I keep a listing of cool free stuff for you! You can find it at my new “preview” site under “Free Swag.”

3. Learn how to market and build your confidence!

I hope these quick tips have helped! Looking for a bit more direction? Check out this 1 hour recording from a recent presentation. You can learn more here:

Haven’t landed that private practice yet?

The first step in landing that elusive pre-licensed private practice internship is to be able to clearly communicate how hiring you will benefit your potential employer. In many professions, people are hired based on a documented need to put people to work. In private practice, you are the one bringing in the work. You might even think of this as a sales job! So, to that end, I want you to know exactly what you are good at- and be able to first communicate that in writing. So what does that mean? Back to the old resume curriculum vitae (CV) topic. Read on to start your CV and even connect with a template!

Hope this gets you excited!

Miranda Palmer, LMFT
Your Coach and Consultant!

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