TrackYourHours Newsletter – September 2013

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You can easily verify the status of your supervisor’s license here.

Site Updates

Mobile Access

View this video to see a brief overview of how you will be able to log your hours from your smart phone when mobile access goes live (it’s coming soon!).  


What color ink can I use to sign my BBS forms?

The BBS does not require you to use a specific color ink when completing or signing your application or forms.

What are the requirements for group supervision?

Group supervision must occur for the minimum of a one hour session and you must log two hours in a week in order to count the supervision.  A session that is less than one hour in length cannot be claimed.

Can a Trainee work in a private practice setting? (MFT)

No.  Only a Registered Intern is allowed to work in a private practice setting.  While in Trainee or post-degree pending status you are not allowed to work in a private practice.

Can I work in a private practice setting with my second intern registration number? (ASW)

An applicant issued a subsequent ASW number cannot work in a private practice setting. All other work settings are permissible.

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