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Can I log weekly totals instead of logging hours every day?

TrackYourHours provides the options to log your hours on the day they were earned or you can just log the total for the week.  If you prefer to log your weekly total just enter the total on the Monday of the week that the hours were earned.   Whether you log your hours daily or weekly there is no difference in how they will be reported on the weekly logs and Experience Verification Forms.

entering weekly hours

What are the supervision requirements and limits? (California MFT)

Weekly Supervision Requirements

As an MFT Trainee, you must meet the mandatory minimum of one unit of weekly supervision at each work setting where you are claiming experience.  In addition, you are required to receive an additional unit of supervision for every five hours of direct counseling experience claimed at each setting (ratio of supervision hours across your experience at the setting).   Continue reading

What are conjoint couples and family hours? (California MFT)

What are conjoint couples and family hours? (California MFT)

The BBS provides an incentive for gaining experience treating couples and families by applying a 2:1 multiplier to these hours.  Both pre- and post-degree you are allowed to “double-count” up to 150 hours of treatment of couples and families.  If you log 150 hours with couples and families, they will be counted as 300 hours when your hours are submitted for review.   Continue reading