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October 29

California BBS Face-to-Face Supervision Waiver Extended Again

During the COVID-19 pandemic the Board of Behavioral Sciences issued (and extended multiple times) a waiver for the face-to-face supervision requirement.  This waiver has allowed Associates in any setting (including private practice) to count supervision via two-way, real-time videoconferencing.  In addition, it allowed Practicum students to count telehealth hours toward their required hours of counseling. … Continued

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July 23

Logging Telehealth Hours (California ASWs)

Given the current pandemic there are a lot of questions about logging telehealth hours.  Below is the latest information specific to ASWs. How do I log telehealth hours? The ASW requirements do not require hours to be logged under a category of telehealth because there is no maximum for that category and the category is … Continued

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September 20

Changes to experience requirements for LCSWs coming Jan 1, 2019 (AB 456)

The Governor has signed AB-456 which will make a number of positive changes to the experience requirements for LCSWs effective January 1, 2019.  TYH will be updated with the new requirements on January 1.  Here is a summary of the changes: The total number of hours of experience required  for LCSW licensure is being reduced from 3,200 … Continued

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August 29

90 Day Rule for CSWs

The Governor has signed Assembly Bill 456, which will allow CSWs to use the “90-day rule”.  From January 1, 2019 forward if a CSW applies for an associate number within 90 days of graduating, all post-degree hours (even those logged prior to receipt of the associate number) may be claimed toward licensure.

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July 6

California BBS ASW FAQs

I just created an account.  How do I get started? What are the weekly supervision requirements? How do I log individual and group counseling hours? Do I need to log supervision in a week where I only log workshop or training hours? Do you have any tips for submitting my hours?

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July 6

California BBS ASW Tips for Submitting Hours

What do I need to submit to the BBS? Examination Eligibility Application You can download the application here Page 2 of the application provides a checklist of documents that need to be submitted (summarized below) If you want to receive confirmation of receipt of your application from the board you should include a self-addressed, stamped … Continued

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July 6

California BBS ASW Logging Individual and Group Psychotherapy Hours

Consistent with the BBS weekly log and Experience Verification form, the individual and group psychotherapy hours are a subset of the Clinical Psychosocial Diagnosis, Assessment, and Treatment category in TrackYourHours.  You cannot enter psychotherapy hours until you have first entered Clinical Psychosocial Diagnosis, Assessment, and Treatment hours.  When you enter hours in the individual and group … Continued

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January 21

What alerts does TrackYourHours provide? (California ASW)

TrackYourHours is programmed with all of the BBS regulations and analyzes the hours that you log and generates an alert whenever there is an issue. The following is a list of all of the potential alerts for ASWs:

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March 12

Upgrades to ASW version of TrackYourHours (California ASW version only)

We are excited to announce that in order to improve the functionality of the ASW version of TrackYourHours we are preparing to make three updates to the software on the morning of Tuesday, March 26.  These updates are designed to improve your ability to monitor your progress relative to the BBS requirements. 

Please read a summary … Continued

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March 4

Changes to Requirements for ASW Supervisors (April 1, 2013)

Effective April 1, 2013, a person supervising an associate clinical social worker must have been licensed in California or another state for at least two years prior to beginning any supervision. This new requirement is in addition to the other existing requirements for supervisors of associate clinical social workers, as referenced in Sections 1870 – 1874 … Continued

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