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July 6

California BBS MFT Supervision Requirements

Weekly Supervision Requirements As an MFT Trainee, you must meet the mandatory minimum of one unit of weekly supervision at each work setting where you are claiming experience.  In addition, you are required to receive an additional unit of supervision for every five hours of direct counseling experience claimed at each setting (ratio of supervision hours across … Continued

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May 17


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February 24

BBS Updates Feb 2016

Should Supervisors be Registered with the BBS? The BBS Supervision Committee is reviewing options to require supervisors to register with the board.  We will update you as additional information is released. BBS Explores Option of Changing Intern Title The BBS is considering a proposal that would change the title of MFT and PCC “Intern” to … Continued

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January 28

Analysis of Old and New BBS LMFT Experience Requirements

January 1, 2016 the experience requirements for LMFTs changed.  Applicants who submit their application on or before December 31, 2020 have the option of being evaluated under the old or new experience requirements.  As of January 1, 2021 the new requirements will apply to all applicants.

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December 16

New BBS experience requirements are coming January 1, 2016

New BBS experience requirements are coming January 1, 2016.  For five years the BBS is allowing applicants to choose whether they want to be evaluated under the old or new requirements.  Which should you choose?  We can help you decide!  TrackYourHours has been updated to allow you to easily see how many hours you can claim under … Continued

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December 10

Can I receive a stipend as payment?

Per the BBS you must meet one of the three requirements listed below.  The biggest issue is that you cannot be an independent contractor.  If you are classified as an independent contractor the hours earned at that site can’t be claimed.

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November 12

BBS processing of renewals and new licenses

The BBS has published the following announcement: License Renewals: Individuals holding a professional license with December 2015 or January 2016 expiration dates who wish to renew their licenses are strongly encouraged to renew as early as possible, preferably before the end of November 2015. New Licenses: Individuals seeking a new license are strongly encouraged to … Continued

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September 28

New BBS standards for practice for telehealth

As of January 1, 2016 the following standards of practice for telehealth will be effective for all licensees and registrants: (a) All persons engaging in the practice of marriage and family therapy, educational psychology, clinical social work, or professional clinical counseling via telehealth, as defined in Section 2290.5 of the Code, with a client who … Continued

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September 28

Changes to Requirements for Supervisors

The BBS Supervision Committee has recommended the following changes to requirements for supervisors (these recommended changes have not been formally submitted to the Board for approval yet): Increase the initial training of LMFT and LPCC supervisors to 15 hours for consistency with the current requirements for LCSW supervisors.

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September 9

BBS experience requirement changes coming January 1, 2016

The experience requirement changes have been approved and will be implemented on January 1, 2016.  We will update the MFT, LCSW and LPCC versions of TrackYourHours on December 1, 2015..  The updates will allow you to see how many hours you can claim under both the old and new requirements making it very easy for you … Continued

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