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August 29

BBS Resources

If you have questions about the BBS licensure regulations or need to find forms, visit our licensure resource pages.  We have included links to information provided by the BBS as well as a summary of experience requirements. MFT Intern (IMF) & Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT) Associate Clinical Social Worker (ASW) & Licensed Clinical Social … Continued

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August 27

TrackYourHours Newsletter – August 2013

View Original Email News The BBS has approved some minor updates to the experience requirements for MFTs.  These updates simply strike old category maximums for administering and evaluating psych tests and telephone counseling because they were in conflict with the new regulations that have been in place since January 1, 2012.  The changes will be … Continued

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August 16

TrackYourHours Newsletter – July 2013

Click to read the July 2013 newsletter.

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July 30

TrackYourHours Newsletter – June 2013

Click to read the June 2013 newsletter.

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June 4

Update to ASW version of TrackYourHours

June 4, 2013 Update to ASW Version of TYH Recently we updated the LCSW version of TrackYourHours to remove supervision hours from the recorded and valid totals that you see on your dashboard and at the top of your reports and forms page.  We have now also removed the supervision hours from the daily and … Continued

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May 23

Intern registration number tips

Did you know that if your first intern registration number only lasts for 6 years? In fact, many interns overlook that their intern registration is completely expiring- because the Board of Behavioral Sciences may not send you an intern number renewal. Why? Because you will be required to apply for a completely new intern number … Continued

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May 22

TrackYourHours has a new look

Today we went live with a refresh of our website.  The main page has been completely redesigned.  The dashboard has been expanded to provide a better user experience; it now includes weeks of supervision, a listing of your alerts and our Twitter and Facebook feeds.  A support tab that hovers on the left side of … Continued

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May 21

TrackYourHours Newsletter – May 2013

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May 7

Responsibility Statement for Supervisors (BBS)

Before you begin your clinical experience you are required to have your supervisor sign the Responsibility Statement for Supervisors.  You must retain the original of this form and submit it with your application to the BBS.  You can download the form at the links pasted below. MFT:  LCSW: LPCC:

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May 3

I totaled the hours on my Summary Report and the total is different than my recorded/valid total; why? (California MFT)

Users will occasionally sum all of the hours on the Summary Report on the Reports & Forms tab and compare that total to the Valid total reported by TYH.  You cannot sum the hours on the Summary Report because it includes categories that duplicate hours.  For example, the non-counseling experience category is listed on the … Continued

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