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March 20

Software Update – Target Completion Date & Weekly Targets

Target Completion Date and Weekly Targets (update goes live Tuesday, March 24) TYH does great job of applying all of the BBS regulations to your hours and generating your forms.  What it hasn’t done until now is provide you with an easy way to plan your experience hours on a weekly basis and answer questions like… •    How … Continued

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January 29

TrackYourHours Mobile

TrackYourHours Mobile TrackYourHours Mobile is a web app that allows you to quickly log your hours from your smartphone.  Imagine being able to log your hours in seconds no matter where you are!  Ready to try it?  Just signup for a free 30 day trial subscription to TrackYourHours. In a matter of minutes you will be logging hours on … Continued

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June 4

Update to ASW version of TrackYourHours

June 4, 2013 Update to ASW Version of TYH Recently we updated the LCSW version of TrackYourHours to remove supervision hours from the recorded and valid totals that you see on your dashboard and at the top of your reports and forms page.  We have now also removed the supervision hours from the daily and … Continued

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May 22

TrackYourHours has a new look

Today we went live with a refresh of our website.  The main page has been completely redesigned.  The dashboard has been expanded to provide a better user experience; it now includes weeks of supervision, a listing of your alerts and our Twitter and Facebook feeds.  A support tab that hovers on the left side of … Continued

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February 12

Updates to TrackYourHours

The updates to TrackYourHours were successfully implemented this morning and the site is back online.  Below is a summary of the improvements.  

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January 24

Coming soon! TrackYourHours View for Universities and Clinical Sites

Coming Soon! TrackYourHours View™ Managing the progress of your students is about to get a lot easier!  TrackYourHours View is an institutional version of TrackYourHours that allows universities and clinical sites to manage the progress of their students.  

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December 12

TrackYourHours Knowledge Base Update

TrackYourHours has updated the Knowledge Base in order to provide a better experience to our users.  The new Knowledge Base includes useful articles and instructional videos about using TrackYourHours as well as links to licensure regulations and resources.  We will continue to expand the Knowledge Base over the next several months.  The Knowledge Base can … Continued

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March 18

Just launched California ASW version of TYH

We are very excited to announce the launch of the new version of TYH built specifically for California ASWs. We have rebuilt TYH from the ground up and will be rolling out new products over the coming months for tracking hours in other states for Social Workers, MFTs and LPCs. We will also be updating … Continued

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February 21

2010 Experience Verification Form Added

We are happy to let you know that we just added the 2010 Experience Verification Form to the TYH 2010 version of TrackYourHours. We hope to have the 2010 Reports section added in about a week.

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January 16

New 2010 version of TrackYourHours now available.

Last week we released an updated version of TrackYourHours (TYH 2010) which allows you to track hours in the new required 2010 format. You are still able to access and track hours prior to 2010 using the TYH Legacy version of TrackYourHours. We have also updated the TYH Mobile version. Each time you login you will … Continued

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