Definitions of Statuses (California MFT)

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We frequently receive questions about the various BBS statuses.  As a Trainee or Intern all of your hours must be logged under one of four statuses.  Two of the statuses are relevant while you are still in school and two are relevant after you graduate.


While you are still in school your hours are logged under one of two statuses:

Trainee – Any hours earned in pre-degree status outside of (before or after) your practicum experience are logged under the status of trainee.  To begin claiming hours as a trainee you must meet two requirements:  1) You must complete a minimum of 12 semester (18 quarter units) in a qualifying MFT degree program; and 2) You must have a written agreement between your school and the work setting.

Trainee in practicum – Any hours hours logged in pre-degree status during your practicum are logged under the status of trainee in practicum.


Once you graduate your hours are logged under one of two statuses:

Post degree with application pending – Once you officially graduate your status flips to post-degree with application pending status prior to receiving your registered intern number.  You remain in this status until you receive your intern number. You must file for your intern number with 90 days of receiving your degree in order to claim all of your hours.  If you fail to postmark your application within 90 days of graduating you must stop counting hours until you receive your intern number.

Registered Intern – Once you receive your intern number yours status flips to registered intern.

If you use TrackYourHours you do not have to worry about determining the appropriate status for your hours.  TrackYourHours automatically logs your hours under the correct status based on the information you enter on the School & Status Information tab.  Just enter your hours and let the software do the work.

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