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BBS online licensure verification

It is recommended that you routinely verify the status of your supervisor’s license.  Using the BreEZe online license verification system you can check the status of any license in a matter of seconds.  You can search by name, business name or license number.  Verify the status your supervisor’s license now.

TrackYourHours versus paper logs

What are the advantages of using TrackYourHours versus tracking your hours on paper? 

  • Simplicity – Entering hours into TrackYourHours is quick and easy.  Using our mobile web app you can even log your hours on the go.   
  • BBS rules automatically applied – When you enter your hours into TrackYourHours the appropriate BBS rules are applied based on the date your hours were logged.  Whether your hours are six days or six years old the software will apply the appropriate BBS rules and you will receive an alert if there is an issue.  

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BBS Weekly Summary of Hours FAQ

The BBS requires you to document all of your experience on the BBS Weekly Summary of Hours (weekly log) form. All of the hours reported on your Experience Verification Forms must be documented on a Weekly Summary of Hours form. 

Do I submit my Weekly Summary of Hours forms to the BBS?

No, the Weekly Summary of Hours form is not submitted to the BBS with your application.  You must retain the signed forms because the BBS reserves the right to request them if they audit your hours or have a question during your application review.

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