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May 16

LPCC Scope of Practice for Families and Couples

Per the BBS, “Professional clinical counseling” does not include the assessment or treatment of couples or families unless the professional clinical counselor has completed all of the following:  

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April 29

Summary of BBS LMFT Experience Requirements

  Experience Type Hours Earned Prior to January 1, 2012 Hours Earned On or After January 1, 2012 1.  Individual Counseling or Psychotherapy No minimum or maximum (Pre-degree maximum of 750 counseling + supervision) 2.  Couples, Family and Child Psychotherapy Minimum 500 Hours Minimum 500 Hours (150 hours of conjoint couples & family therapy are … Continued

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April 15

Supervision and workshop hours

Do you have to log supervision in a week in order to claim workshop hours?  The short answer…it depends.  Read on for a detailed answer.  

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April 1

How to calculate BBS MFT trainee supervision ratios

As an MFT trainee you must receive one unit of supervision during each week you are claiming experience (workshop and personal psychotherapy hours are excluded).  You are also required to receive an additional unit of supervision for every five hours of direct counseling experience claimed at each setting.  

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March 18

BBS online licensure verification

It is recommended that you routinely verify the status of your supervisor’s license.  Using the BreEZe online license verification system you can check the status of any license in a matter of seconds.  You can search by name, business name or license number.  Verify the status your supervisor’s license now.

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March 18

TrackYourHours versus paper logs

What are the advantages of using TrackYourHours versus tracking your hours on paper?  Simplicity – Entering hours into TrackYourHours is quick and easy.  Using our mobile web app you can even log your hours on the go.    BBS rules automatically applied – When you enter your hours into TrackYourHours the appropriate BBS rules are … Continued

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March 17

Definitions of Statuses (California MFT)

We frequently receive questions about the various BBS statuses.  As a Trainee or Intern all of your hours must be logged under one of four statuses.  Two of the statuses are relevant while you are still in school and two are relevant after you graduate.

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March 10

BBS Weekly Summary of Hours FAQ

The BBS requires you to document all of your experience on the BBS Weekly Summary of Hours (weekly log) form. All of the hours reported on your Experience Verification Forms must be documented on a Weekly Summary of Hours form.  Do I submit my Weekly Summary of Hours forms to the BBS? No, the Weekly … Continued

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February 26

February 2014 Newsletter

News The BBS has indicated that they expect to include content from the DSM-5 beginning December 1, 2014 for LCSW candidates and January 1, 2015 for LMFT candidates.  AATBS offers DSM-V review materials. As previously announced, the BBS exam restructure is delayed until January 1, 2016. You can easily verify the status of your supervisor’s license here. 

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February 12

Top 10 Tips for Finding a Private Practice Internship

In 2014, the job market is tough for pre-licensed LMFT, LCSW, LPC, and Psychologists looking to find paid jobs. Many of the agency jobs, non-profit jobs, and county positions have lost funding. So, pre-licensed mental health professionals are not only struggling to gather the hours needed to apply for licensure, but they are struggling to … Continued

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